What did Abbott do and when did he do it?

While the water story of Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is really little more than a “storm in  private well”,  the news that former CPRIT Executive Jerry Cobb was indicted by a grand jury for first-degree felony indictment of securing execution of a document by deception, has the potential to be pretty serious for Abbott.

At stake is the awarding of an $11 million grant to a Dallas company without the required scientific and business reviews.  During this and other high value contract awards,  Attorney General Abbott was either absent or missing in action as a board member of CPRIT, and as is often the case,  in Texas, the suggestion is the awarding of these contracts is no more than chronism or the Texas ole boy network in action.

While Governor Perry has been more of  Teflon man than  superman,  it will be interesting to see what sticks to Abbott. Texas needs to move into the sunshine.


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