I’m currently a stay at home Dad, and working on vinyl music and jazz film archiving and music research. Also the husband of, and back office for Kate (K8) and Performance and Recovery Labs, Inc. aka PR Sports Lab. I finally became a US Citizen in 2021. I was a member of the City of Louisville Cultural Council until I resigned in my 6th year, long story; and a was President of the North End Master Homeowners Association.
I’ve been community activist, sometime Flashmob organizer, infrequent movie “Executive” and “Associate” Producer; an Occupy supporter; a Collectors Circle member of Art Alliance Austin; Executive Producer for the band Toyface and their album “Follow the rules of the trainwreck”.I am a Fellow of the British Computer Society. Both formerly and formally, I was Senior Distinguished Engineer, and Executive Director, in Systems Engineering in the Software Group at Dell; a founding member of, and a steering committee member for the Linux Foundation Core Infrastructure Initiative. Before that I was an IBM Distinguished Engineer and member of the IBM Academy of Technology. I’ve blogged, written, and formally contributed to a number of platforms, and websites over the past 25-years. My technology career was predominantly focused on virtualization, open source, and open-source tools and technology.

I used to own a small, boutique, sports management company that worked with triathletes to help them achieve their best, on the journey to professional triathlete, and beyond. In addition, I was a member of the Advisory board of the Professional Triathlon Union, now the Professional Triathletes Organisation.

I’ve competed in Triathlon distances from sprint to Ironman distance; Represented Great Britain three times(2001, 2002, 2004), although didn’t distinguish myself in any of them – I won my division for the first time in a race in 2006; In 2003 I was voted British Triathlon volunteer of the year and formally ran the Tri-Force triathlon club in the UK. I now live, train, work and race out of Louisville, Colorado after spending 10-years in Austin, Texas.

I have three great kids, Ella, Lauren and Ollie, and two grandchildren Elliott and Aurora, and a 13-year old daughter, Ava, plus memories that will last a lifetime!

I’ll know where I’m going, when I get there.

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  1. Saw that you liked my Tweet. Small world! I know Kate from Boston. Tell her Joanne says, “Hi.” My Twitter is It’sAllGood @Sallgoodlt.


    1. Yes, also, we’ve just approved funding for the new Underpass near us, and we are waiting for final approval to start on the CO42 Underpass between Delo and front st. Onward!

  3. Any more thoughts on getting back on two wheels Mark,?,I know you were very Loyal to Honda,(All Baker),but, also remember you having a hankering for a Yamaha XT500,(Mind you,they take some starting,even with an Auto Decompressor)
    Sincerest Regards,

    1. James, great to hear from you.

      No, never really got back on a motorbike after 1979, can’t trust myself.

      I have extensively raced triathlon for 20-years which requires rising a bike, even managed to crash that a few times. Hope you are keeping well.

  4. Hello again Mark,yes I’m fine thanks,I hope you,and yours are keeping well.That’s an Amazing Career youve had both in I.T.,and,Athletics. Im still tinkering with two strokes,one on the Bench,one or two on the Back Burner,Its an Illness Really,yet I suppose Its also a passion.

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