15-Seconds of fame from Facebooks 15-years.

Marketplace recently tweeted asking how social media had changed or impacted your life. Of course I had a response.

They emailed today to ask if I’d record a voicemail, and used a segment of it in todays show for a segment called: “thefacebook.com” went live 15-years ago today.

In addition to what went on the show, what I also said was:

I had a facebook ID for longest time, probably from 2008-9, and following all the privacy violations and everything else, I closed my facebook account and deleted my data 2-years ago.

I do have an Instagram account but use it very sparingly; I’ve had a livejournal account since 2003, it was mostly to track my triathlon training, racing and travelling, I still have it but don’t use it these days, I’m getting old.

I’ve mostly reverted to doing everything I used to do, before facebook. There are websites that do everything that facebook does, they are different websites rather than everything being all on thefacebook, which gives Facebook way too much information, in my view.

Trump vs China

That’s right. Some guy almost every American has never heard of, Wang Jianlin, is worth four to six times what Donald Trump is. And, Mr Jianlin is one Chinese entrepreneur, there are dozens of them. Yet, Donald Trump, says he will take on China and win. I’m guessing he means with our money rather than his own?

In my last blog, I drew comparison between Texas and China, and claimed that China hadn’t had a big enough disaster to over shadow Texas. I thought it was worth looking at one example where China is way bigger that anything in Texas.

Just before that, in a “world collides” sort of moment, while Americans seem revere Donald Trump as some kind of Hotel, Apartment, construction and entertainment wizard who prints his own money; recently it was announced that Dalian Wanda, a Chinese company, had bought the iconic American endurance sport company Ironman, or more accurately the World Triathlon Corporation that owns and stages the Ironman Triathlon races including the annual Ironman Hawaii. As anyone knows me knows, I’ve done numerous Ironman and half-Ironman races.

How does this relate to Trump?

Dalian Wanda has operations split into two divisions: Real Estate, and The Cultural Industry Group. Real Estate has been the engine of Dalian Wanda’s growth. It owns more than 100 shopping malls in 100 Chinese cities, and owns over 70 hotels. To make it easier to score, in the world of hotels and real estate development somewhere between four and six Donald Trumps equal one Wang Jianlin. (*1)

That’s right. Some guy almost every American has never heard of, Wang Jianlin, is worth four to six times what Donald Trump is. And, Mr Jianlin is one Chinese entrepreneur, there are dozens of them. Yet, Donald Trump, says he will take on China and win. I’m guessing he means with our money rather than his own?

With that in mind, enjoy Mike Pesca taking Trump to task over Trumps tweet on ebola in this extract from Pescas “The Gist” podcast..

I’m of the opinion that the press indeed give Mr Trumps xenophobic rants, and chest beating an easy run. Before careful what is wish for.

(*1) From Slowtwitch.com retrieved 9/6/2015 7:46pm

Drunk on you own success?

In one of those late night facebook exchanges, between a friend, and her coach, I couldn’t help jumping in. This is how it went… some pretty original thoughts

  • “coach”: I can not be held responsible for drunk texting or drunk FB posting! I will however run with whatever I am presented with!
  • Mark Cathcart: You can only try. Failure is defined by not trying, it is not defined as trying but not achieving.
  • Friend: it was at 7:39 am… so not drunk, but blonde for sure! ack!
  • “coach”:Time is 9:39 where I grew up and 1:39 in England. It might have been alcohol
  • Mark Cathcart: drunk on your own success is much more powerful than alcohol; with the latter you wake up in the morning feeling awful, with the former, you wake up with the same awesome person you went to sleep with. >
  • “coach”: And drunk on both?
  • Mark Cathcart: Drunk with on both is when you wake up with someone you don’t know at all

Jedi no more

ImageI’m just in the process of joining Triathlon England, for the first time, and the website asks about religion. I was disappointed to see that Jedi Knight was no longer an option. Back in 2001, the kids, Wendy and I were delighted to write-in Jedi Knight on our UK Census forms, we were five of some 390,000 who did that year and being a Jedi Knight by religion surpassed  SikhismJudaism, and Buddhism making it the 4th largest religion in the UK.

Using Doc’s Delorean, I find myself in 2012, still wishing to point to what should be the irrelevance of my private beliefs in public, by answering Jedi whenever this question is asked. Sadly, it wasn’t an option fopr Triathlon England membership, I just had to chose “Other”. There is a serious point here, what the heck do my personal beliefs, which are in many religions strictly between me and my god, have to do with anything?

Wikipedia as always provides a great write-up on this whole phenomenom, goodnight, thank you, and may your god go with you.

Brians Song, the Big C and “little” Mikey

I can’t really remember when I first became aware of cancer, but the first time it effected my life was in I’d guess 1972, or 1973. I saw Brian’s Song on TV. The original version, obviously. It had a profound effect on me as a 13/14 year old, that I think to this day I can’t forget. I sobbed like the child I was when I saw it, despite all my aspirations to grow up quickly, and all the confusion around me, I learned a lot from the film about friends, racial tolerance and intolerance, as well as cancer.

And so it was with some trepidation I set the DVR the other day to record the original film, which was on some channel or other on Time Warner Cable. It’s sitting there waiting to be watched, I’m guessing I probably won’t watch it until at least the summer is over.

Since then many people I know or love have been touched by cancer including my Mum. Cancer took the life of Wendy, Auntie Ruth, and has effected the lives of many of my Austin friends, including at least three female friends hit by breast cancer; and also “Iron” Mikey Thompson, from Jack and Adams Bicycle Shop in Austin. Mikey is trying to get a place in this years Ironman Hawaii through the Kona Inspired program, he is a 4x cancer survior, but much more than that he is an all round great guy, who is articulate, kind and compassionate. Please vote for Mikey here.

So it’s somewhat ironic then, that this week I got to meet the most well known cancer survivor of them all, Lance Armstrong, at his house. I took Ronnie along so he could get a signature from Lance and catch up after Sundays Galveston 70.3, Lance came out to introduce himself. I’m also heading to see my Doc this afternoon to get that annoying lesion on the back of my left hand, that won’t heal, looked at. Things that go around, come around.

Sven gets vocal again

I just ran the stats on my little Sandisc Sansa MP3 player, I’ve had it for 3-years now, it was a great buy and yep, cheap, and no it doesn’t work with iTunes. I’ve done a few file reloads and am starting to think about music selection for the marathon I have to run at the end of the Challenge Roth ironman-distance triathlon in July. Yep, MP3 players are allowed on the run.

Overwhelmingly, the number one MP3 played on my sandisc is my Houston dance-music friend, Sven Neers’ “sven gets vocal again” mix from February 2010. It’s a perfect, uplifting, uptempo, happy/vocal house mix. It used to be available via Svens soundcloud page, at http://soundcloud.com/neer-music/sven-gets-vocal-again but it’s been taken down. There is a track listing here on his old blog and you can find it online here.

First open water swim of 2012

Rule #1 of open water swimming is hydrate well before swimming in a “rubber suit”(1)
Rule #2 Never swim alone. Where was everyone? If I don’t comment by lunchtime, someone come look for me…

(1) as Wendy would have said…

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