Free speech isn’t hate speech

Check out @monkchips’s Tweet:  James Governor makes an important call to action for the tech platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook.  tech platforms need to stop hiding behind "free speech". we need to stop giving them a free pass. — OK Zoomer (@monkchips) October 7, 2017 Continue reading Free speech isn’t hate speech

Hello world!

Right now this is a place holder for a future project. I’m done committing all my personal data, pictures, anecdotes and history to facebook, and over the years since I started posting regularly on the “web” back in 1996, while still at IBM, I’ve worked hard to keep my persona’s separate. This project is will be my effort to “take back the web“. I’ll get to it, when I get to it. In the interim if you are looking for something, you’ll likely find it here. Continue reading Hello world!