In Love with Cable?

The cable industry is in turmoil, customers leaving in droves, and they are being squeezed at the content end and their costs for programming are soaring. It looks like Time Warner Cable is going to get divested, broken up, bought up merged, or something along those lines. Motley Fool posted this analysis that they are not expecting this to lower your bills.

TIme Techland has a write-up on the new cable company promotion web site, “The hole saga” and the state of the cable industry. Author Harry McCraken speculates about the poor performance of the website “one loaded with so much video that it takes an eternity to load”. I did some quick traces using Chrome, it looks like it’s actually designed to be slow, probably to give the appearance that streaming video is a bad idea compared to cable.

I wrote the following in response to Harrys article.

No,  we don’t love cable,  we resent it. Love for cable was back in the 80’s we were both young,  and TV was still exciting,  MTV  was happening,  and the world was opening up.
Now cable is pretty much unchanged,  it hasn’t reduced in price,  while pretty much everything else has(cars, airfares, clothes, food). The number and types of entertainment options have exploded,  content is everywhere. Yet,  like your Dad, in the 70’s, cable still controls what you watch and when. Cable is like an abusive parent. Yeah its out there but we avoid it when we can

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