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Life Is Nuanced

the debate about starting and ending life is even more nuanced.

The “Pro Choice” debate is almost exclusively biased toward abortion. Irrespective of who, and why, the religious right in the USA have cleverly steered the discussion to being just about abortion and ending life. It shouldn’t and can’t be.

It’s taken me almost a week to process an episode of WNYC’s Radiolab. I’d booked my car in for some work, and had to leave it for the day. I loaded up my bike into the trunc, drove to the dealership, dropped off the car. Outside on the sidewalk I set my podcast player to play Radiolab, fastened my helmet and set off to do the 5-mile road, 9-mile trail ride home.

After about 3-miles on the road, in a bike lane I had to slow down. I felt emotional, within a half mile, I was sobbing. I remained that way until I got to the trail, where I stopped, turned off the podcast player and just enjoyed the silence.

If by writing this post, I can get just one person to listen to the podcast episode, I mean really listen to it, all the way to the end, it will have been worth it. I promise, it’s not about abortion, it’s much more nuanced.

Thanks to everyone at Radiolab for this episode, but especially to Matt Kielty, Lulu Miller and Pat Walters. Also to the amazing Ivanova Smith, thank you for your story, and telling it so beautifully. If you want to listen to other epsiodes of Radiolab, or subscribe, their website is here.

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