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We, me, Wendy and a 1-year old Eloise, moved to New York City in May 1982, and stayed in New York until August 1986; I’ve been back at least twice per year, every year since, until last year.

I was excited to see this film, documentary about Iconic New York Mayor, Ed Koch. There is no doubt, Koch saved the big apple. He had his critics, his sexuality, his racism  or not, corruption, all a huge source of debate. He was the ultimate private, public man right up until his death on Feb. 1st this year.

The film is a brilliant documentary. If you are at all interested in american modern history, fashion, politics, social power, welfare reform and more. This film is a must see.

I will forever remember him rumbling down a a New York city street, maybe 1983 on the front of a tank, you couldn’t hear a word he was shouting, except you knew it was “How am I doin’?”

There is a scene near the end where the 86 year old Koch walks down a hallway and closes the door to his apartment. He never had a partner, in his whole life, New York was his lady. I must admit as some who worked and lived in NY between 82-86, I shed tears as he closed that door, knowing he passed the day the film was released.

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