New York Values – Archie Bunker

Archie and his generation had grown tired of the 1960’s liberal experiment and they blamed it for tearing apart “their” America. It was where the disenchantment about the welfare system came from and how welfare had become permanently associated with the African American, and exploded out of control. Continue reading New York Values – Archie Bunker


We, me, Wendy and a 1-year old Eloise, moved to New York City in May 1982, and stayed in New York until August 1986; I’ve been back at least twice per year, every year since, until last year. I was excited to see this film, documentary about Iconic New York Mayor, Ed Koch. There is no doubt, Koch saved the big apple. He had his critics, his sexuality, his racismĀ  or not, corruption, all a huge source of debate. He was the ultimate private, public man right up until his death on Feb. 1st this year. The film is a … Continue reading Koch