HDMI Cables, won’t get fooled again

A while back I needed a USB Printer cable, all the regular shops were charging $29.99 and up, there was even one priced “monsterously” for $59.95. Please, USB and HDMI cables carry a digital signal, along with a few other things, for USB, that includes power. They are binary, they either work or they don’t.

With black friday coming this week, no doubt many people will be tempted to be thankful on Thursday, then on Friday they’ll head online or to the stores to buy more stuff, so they have something to be thankful for next year. If you are considering a new TV, and are tempted to buy a bunch of new cables, don’t get fooled and buy those really expensive HDMI cables. Read this link. I get all my cables from Discount Electronics and rarely pay more than $19.99 and sometimes as little as $5.

If you need exceptionally long cables, 50ft or longer then there are some issues; for example, 1080p goes 32ft without a repeater, but shorter than that, if you are having problems its the sending device rather than the cable.

Also, sound cables that go from an older TV to a hifi(home theater) system essentially carry a non-digital signal and are subject to some interference, and so you might benefit from more expensive, shielded cables, but try what you’ve got, or cheap ones first.

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