Happy Mork and Mindy Day!

“Na-Nu Na-Nu” Today is the 40th anniversary of the screening of the 1st Episode of Mork and Mindy. Tribune medias’ Antenna TV is broadcast a binge watch extravaganza. Mork and Mindy, at least for me, was my introduction to Robin Williams. He’d appeared on an episode of Happy Days as Mork, but he really became famous from the series. It ran for 4-years between 1978 and 1982, recording an incredible 94-episodes. Over the past 5-months or so I’ve had my Tablo DVR┬áset to record any episodes of Mork and Mindy. Antenna has been playing them already. I have 53 recorded. … Continue reading Happy Mork and Mindy Day!

New York Values – Archie Bunker

Archie and his generation had grown tired of the 1960’s liberal experiment and they blamed it for tearing apart “their” America. It was where the disenchantment about the welfare system came from and how welfare had become permanently associated with the African American, and exploded out of control. Continue reading New York Values – Archie Bunker

HDMI Cables, won’t get fooled again

A while back I needed a USB Printer cable, all the regular shops were charging $29.99 and up, there was even one priced “monsterously” for $59.95. Please, USB and HDMI cables carry a digital signal, along with a few other things, for USB, that includes power. They are binary, they either work or they don’t. With black friday coming this week, no doubt many people will be tempted to be thankful on Thursday, then on Friday they’ll head online or to the stores to buy more stuff, so they have something to be thankful for next year. If you are … Continue reading HDMI Cables, won’t get fooled again