Hello Lamp Post Austin


I must admit when I heard about the Hello Lamp Post project at the Art Alliance Austin annual party*, I was pretty interested.

I regularly run past a number of places that have the project, but since I’m running and don’t have my phone, I’d not tried it until the other day. I found myself at Austin Bergstrom Airport, waiting for my my luggage, at #3. Right there in front of me was a Hello Lamp Post project. I tried.

Apart from the superficial novelty of txting an object, one of the Art City guitars, the “conversation” didn’t last long.

#512: Good evening [etc.] How do you like to express yourself?

Me: Quietly, with confidence

#512: I’m only just getting the hang of talking. Someone told me “playing the guitar” Another thing. Can you play any instruments?

Me: Nope

#512: I must learn to play something myself. Let me ask another question. Have you any songs stuk in your head?

Me: American Pie

#512: Simon and Garfunkel are stuck in mine. I’m going to have a think about wht you said now. Come and Find me again soon! Want to know why objects like me are waking on? Visit hellolampostaustin.com

Me: Thanks I know… I”m an Art Austin VIP

Screenshot_2015-04-15-17-22-21and that was it. I have to say, less than I was hoping for. Surely artificial intelligence can do better, not even an Austin fact of the day, or details about the project, number of objects, or anything actually engaging for me.

* I’m an Art Alliance Austin Collectors Circle member. Join me. While my experience with this project may not have met my expectations, the various Art Night events, and the upcoming Art City Austin events are well worth supporting and they’ve had both some great art, and great experience art.

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