NTD or National Taliban Day?

I enjoy a pint of Guinness as much as the next “man”, but I continue to find St Patricks day  troubling. I wonder if in 100 years time the youth of tomorrow will be celebrating national Taliban day?

Really, for the most part of the last 100 years St Patricks day has been a major fund raiser for the Irish Republican Army and the Provisional IRA. Until as recently as 5-years ago they used the money to support people who indiscriminately bomb, killed, maimed both innocent civilians, and the families of people who supported the British Government. They also planted and carried out attacks on Soldiers of the British Government, who for the most part didn’t want to be in Northern Island, didn’t care who owned/governed Northern Island, provided people were not being killed daily the were just following orders. Me too.

One of my friends was injured in a train station bombing, for most of my adult life there were no trash cans in London, precisely because they were a great place to leave bombs and were regularly used as such.

Yep, the British Government played it’s part, it was far from perfect, yep, completely agree. Bloody Sunday was a massacre carried out by soldiers. Remember, the potato famine in Ireland was right around the time the Ameican forefathers were introducing Smallpox and other killer diseases to the native tribes in America. If you think Britain should give Northern Island back to the Irish, then I assume you also think America should be returned to the native Americans?

I’m happy that St Patricks day has turned into an excuse for a drinking binge, but context is everything. If you went forward 50-years and found the youth of the future celebrating Taliban day, how would you feel? It’s not that different…

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