Travelling for your job: Survival Tips

I wasn’t sure which blog to post this on, in fact I thought I’d already posted in to my more work related blog, turns out I hadn’t. I’ll be heading back to Texas A&M again next month to give a talk on career and personal development, and these were the slides I used to guide the talk last time.

Anyone that hasn’t traveled much for business, when you list the countries you’ve been too, think it’s something like Matt Harding, I doubt this represents his real travel experience.

If I remember this time, I’ll record the talk and transcribe the points into something more consumable. In the past I’ve had my talks video recorded, but I think being able to post in here text format would be useful. During the talk, which is mostly focussed on the pluses and minuses of corporate travel, I also discuss, How to handle person life issues (family leave, eldercare, illness, accidents, reoccurring illness) professionally; Thinking about and preparing for mid-career and long-term career prospects; The joys and expectations of working in a large company.

If you are interested in a more technical presentation, you can see the slide and lecture notes from when I gave the distinguished lecture at Texas A&M, 2011, here.

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