More mail scam

Here is another classic of its genre. Note the very serious threat in the middle of the envelope. This is totally unnecessary,  it is there simply to intimidate and frighten the receiver.  It also demands on the front of the envelope “to be opened by addressee only.  PEASE RESPOND WITHIN FIVE DAYS”


So what can be so important? It’s nothing more than a car warranty scam. Importantly,  I don’t even own the car anymore,  it was sold some 7-months ago.  Yet the letter warns me of all the dire consequences of breakdown and unexpected Expenses.

Another clue it’s a scam,  is unlike the norm in the USA of including a return name and address,  the only address present is the paid for address,  no company  name. In fact,  having opened it,  it doesn’t contain the company name anywhere,  unless the company name is “Vehicle Administration Center”.

This is a disgrace, purely to intimidate the elderly and less aware into buying something they don’t need. If it really were a good idea, well priced and useful, it could be packaged up in a much more positive, less threatening way.

Shame on VW Leasing for selling my details to these scam operations. I will not do business with VM Leasing again.

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