Stage 3 Time Warner Disconnect

Since my last post on the subject I’ve been diligently removing Time Warner Cable services. First up I cancelled Home Phone and Cable TV, installed a DISH package, and then over the weekend, I replaced my 2005 Time Warner Cable modem with a 2012 Netgear CMD31T cable modem.

It took the “chat agent” a long time… to do what ever they do when you switch over and give them the MAC address for your new modem, but eventually came back and confirmed I could power off and disconnect their modem and connect mine.

Everything appeared to go OK, but disappointment struck soon after. Right before I shutdown their modem, I ran a speedtest using my Samsung S3 over wifi to the same router, connected by the same cable, to the new Netgear modem. My speed had dropped by about 1/4, up and down.

Using their modem I regularly got:

DOWN: 18.39Mbps, UP: 1.89Mbps

since the disconnect:

DOWN: 14.12Mbps, UP: 0.99Mbps

It’s usable but disappointing. Disappointing because this is exactly the type of BS I expected. Unless the “chat operative” did something obviously wrong, this will take forever to resolve either in person, or over the network. Still onward.

From a financial perspective, I’ve reduced my monthly expenditure from $203 for the TWC Triple with Turbo Internet package, to the Turbo Internet package for $54.99. Looking at the billing options, it may be that I’ve actually gone down to the Basic Internet service at $44.99 based on the speeds I’m getting. Thats not what’s shown online though.

On top of the $54.99 TWC bill, I have to add a full DISH network service, including HBO of $65.61, both inc. taxes, which takes me to $120.60. I’m currently on a DISH introductory offer which is $50 per month.

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