Do you want bytes with that?

US Internet continues to be a problem, especially for small businesses, it’s a total ripoff. First up you have to deal with the sales charlatans, reading from a script, clueless about the technology. Todays first email included this classic: “I wanted to clear something up before processing the order. The quote was is for 50M which is 50 megabit not megabyte as I had stated earlier. “ CenturyLink VAR. Typically though, retail/consumer internet is sold as Mb(megabits), while it’s uncommon for commercial internet to be sold as MB(megabytes), it can be. After all, they sell you on a different class of … Continue reading Do you want bytes with that?

Search: Everything new is old again

When I first started using the web in 1996 there were few search websites, and those that existed used to be slow and return poor quality results. Back in the late 1990’s the best web search engine was actually little more than a list of websites, with a simple search. Here is Yahoo from 1996, 1997. Google has changed everything. They’ve also become one of the worlds biggest data mining companies, collect data about what you search for, what you read as a result of that search and so much more information. In addition, google searches often return results, the … Continue reading Search: Everything new is old again