Drunk on you own success?

In one of those late night facebook exchanges, between a friend, and her coach, I couldn’t help jumping in. This is how it went… some pretty original thoughts

  • “coach”: I can not be held responsible for drunk texting or drunk FB posting! I will however run with whatever I am presented with!
  • Mark Cathcart: You can only try. Failure is defined by not trying, it is not defined as trying but not achieving.
  • Friend: it was at 7:39 am… so not drunk, but blonde for sure! ack!
  • “coach”:Time is 9:39 where I grew up and 1:39 in England. It might have been alcohol
  • Mark Cathcart: drunk on your own success is much more powerful than alcohol; with the latter you wake up in the morning feeling awful, with the former, you wake up with the same awesome person you went to sleep with. >
  • “coach”: And drunk on both?
  • Mark Cathcart: Drunk with on both is when you wake up with someone you don’t know at all

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