On facebook?

This was too good(according to me) to leave as a facebook update. I read this article and got carried away posting an update to tell my friends to read it. Finally, someone sums up in words what I couldn’t about Facebook. It’s doomed because its a cr#p marketing platform, mostly filled with people who “like” stuff they’d never buy, or Like stuff they’ve already bought. We are treated like morons, facebook keeps jamming more and more advertising down our throats to feed the never ending failure of anyone with any sense to see they get no return for their money. Facebook as a website is OK, … Continue reading On facebook?

What does it really mean?

This in the Starbucks between the h and k gates at Chicago O’Hare airport. What does it really mean? It didn’t actually pass inspection? The inspector found some things wrong, but nothing that would kill consumers or injure staff? The inspector couldn’t be bothered to check everything? Either way I’m guessing substantially passed isn’t great news. Continue reading What does it really mean?