TWC Cable and Home Telephone gone

After some procrastination, most due to the real/actual lack of choice, today I cancelled my Time Warner Cable “All the best” subscription and switched to just Internet only. I’m replacing the TV part of the subscription with DISH network, using their Dish America package. At least according to Time Warner Cable, my Internet will cost $62.10 for the Turbo Internet service, which is what I have now, and claims “Up to 20Mbps” download and “Upload speeds up to 2Mbps”. Once all the change is done, I’ll likely upgrade this to Extreme if the prices are as TWC say they are. … Continue reading TWC Cable and Home Telephone gone

TWC Shift upgrade costs to customers

Those of you like me who’ve not been able to get a decent alternative Internet provider might want to check your bills. Starting November, TWC added a $3.95 Internet modem rental charge. They did this even though many of us have had the same modem since the service was installed, in my case 6-years ago. There is a class action lawsuit about this, they feel its unjustified price gouging; TWC claim its for maintenance and support, and they are now doing what the other companies have always done. This is of course total BS and exactly the behavior you’d expect … Continue reading TWC Shift upgrade costs to customers

Coffee and the Internet

Two things that my recent observations suggest the USA is getting left behind on. As I’ve travelled outside the USA in the last 2-months or so I’ve been visiting offices in Israel, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Canada, Germany and the UK. The first thing I noticed was how good the self brew coffee machines were, I checked a couple of places for prices while travelling, especially the technology market in Moscow, and a reasonable price seemed to be about $900 US Dollars. I finally got time tonight to look on to see what kinda prices similar machines cost in … Continue reading Coffee and the Internet