News of the Weird

The news of the weird column in the weekly Austin Chronicle is an interesting thing. Published by Chuck Shepard, it’s is mostly extracted, printed, and syndicated verbatim from It’s a mix of quirky, surreal articles, many of which you would’t share with your mother or your children. The case of Richard Rosario though deserves to be on other pages, it’s news of the bizarre. If true as reported, it’s one of those things that shows, you are only one unlucky break from having your life totally disrupted and bellies the truth behind the American system of fare just for … Continue reading News of the Weird

Prison as an engine for recovery?

Bill Maher was during the 2012 Election cycle using the term “bubble” to describe the Republican candidates for President, and often Republican voters.. They held ridiculous views because they were in a bubble, they either did hear, didn’t see, or didn’t know the truth behind the issue. I’m like that with Prison. I’ve done a few things I’m not proud of; written a few blog entries that when I look back on, I wish I hadn’t written; I’ve never done drugs, unless red wine counts; speeding, yeah some; have not been in a fight since, well probably 1979, etc. So … Continue reading Prison as an engine for recovery?