Why buying a car is so awful?

The whole State of Texas vs Tesla game/blackmail, campaign is in full swing. Tesla can’t sell direct in Texas, Texas is trying to work an exchange a deal on allowing Tesla to sell cars direct, in exchange for┬ábringing a battery plant to Texas. For the most part people have always only known the dealership model in the USA, and especially in Texas where the same dealership company owns multiple car franchises, and can afford to buy cheap land and build what look like separate businesses to give the illusion of competition. What has become obvious is that most don’t understand … Continue reading Why buying a car is so awful?

Henry Ford would be proud

I can’t speak for the rest of Texas, much less the rest of America, but here in Austin the color choice for new cars would make Henry Ford smile. Ford once said Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black Having gone through the new car buying process again back in November, it was really depressing at the lack of choice. Exaggerated in my case as I decided to buy a car that was built overseas. There was nothing even in the pipeline coming to the USA that was what … Continue reading Henry Ford would be proud