War and BREXIT

I wasn’t surprised to wake-up this morning to an email from my regular “hater” Rick. Back when I lived in Austin I’d regularly get anonymous letters, sometimes just pages from magazines with words highlighted to make messages. Much more often than that though, I’d get emails from Rick. Today’s email Rick said: As I’ve told you before, you should get off your high horse and stop blogging; you are just conflating two things to suit your own agenda, I just wish you’d go away, no one cares about your opinion. While the Iraq war might seem to have little to … Continue reading War and BREXIT

Mission Accomplished

With the devastation yesterday in Oklahoma following an enormous tornado, with a winds in excess of 200MPh, leaving some 24 dead and miles destroyed buildings, the US News and Media is rightly focussed on that. Almost 10-years to the day when then President George Bush declared “Mission accomplished” after landing on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln to declare a end to major combat operations in Iraq. Arguably Iraq has seen one of it’s worst weeks of car bombings and sectarian deaths. Yesterday alone saw 9 car bombs go off in Baghdad striking at bus stops, marketplaces and in the streets in busy morning hours … Continue reading Mission Accomplished