Dear Time Warner Cable

I keep getting these marketing letters from Time Warner. It appears they’ve got nothing better to do than review my account… trying to sell me on a 300Mpbs upgrade. I sent a response today by USPS. I doubt they’ll stop sending, so at least I can post the response here and get some mileage from it 🙂 Thank you for your letter. If you were really reviewing my account you’d see I’m only have a 50Mpbs modem for my existing 100Mpbs service. It works fine. Want me to upgrade? Provide a free modem for my existing service. Thanks. Mark Cathcart. … Continue reading Dear Time Warner Cable

Can’t get enough Fiber

So, it’s formally announced, Google Fiber is coming to Austin in 2014. This is potentially a great announcement. The focus will be on the speed, which in my view is wrong. It should be on the affordability and open access. For the most part, as I’ve blogged numerous times, Time Warner Cable is more than fast enough for most homes, its just uncompetitively priced for most, and not affordable for many. I’ll be especially interested to see how they do this, right down to if they lay new cables underground, using existing or new carrier pipes; hopefully it wont just be more optical cable … Continue reading Can’t get enough Fiber

TWC Shift upgrade costs to customers

Those of you like me who’ve not been able to get a decent alternative Internet provider might want to check your bills. Starting November, TWC added a $3.95 Internet modem rental charge. They did this even though many of us have had the same modem since the service was installed, in my case 6-years ago. There is a class action lawsuit about this, they feel its unjustified price gouging; TWC claim its for maintenance and support, and they are now doing what the other companies have always done. This is of course total BS and exactly the behavior you’d expect … Continue reading TWC Shift upgrade costs to customers