Tip here!

As a Brit’ tipping has always felt awkward. Not sure I should tip, how much, and so forth. Since I didn’t grow up in the US, I never had a “tipping role model” and although I think I do OK tipping now, most times I’m just uncomfortable with it. Well, it seems I’m not alone. The esteemed Steven Levitt it turns out feels the same. In this episode of the Freakanomics podcast they are joined by Cornell professor Michael Lynn, who has written 51 academic papers on tipping. They look at the science, data and social norms’ of tipping, who tips best, worst, and … Continue reading Tip here!

The Law of Unintended Consequence

“”The fetus is the property of the entire society,” he proclaimed. “Anyone who avoids having children is a deserter who abandons the laws of national continuity.”” This month marks 40-years since the 1973 Roe vs Wade landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court, legalizing abortion. As some states are now trying us back to pre-1973, with little fanfare, Virginia and Michigan Republican governors recently signed new abortion bills into law. There are issues other than simply obvious one of abortion. It’s possible to draw a lot of parallels between the former President of Romania, Nicolae Ceausescu, and the Tea Party, also with … Continue reading The Law of Unintended Consequence

Freakanomic Gifts

Despite being an executive at Dell, I didn’t have an invite to last weeks Dell World in Austin. Just a couple of the external speakers were President Bill Clinton and the Freakanomics authors and speakers Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt. Even if you were able to attend, I know Dubner didn’t cover Christmas gift giving, and this is a great listen. Spoiler alert, it includes a mention of compression socks. Dubner talks to the economist, Justin Wolfers, who takes what Dubner likes to call the anti-narcissist approach, the spotlight effect. Don’t over think it. You can read a transcript here. Continue reading Freakanomic Gifts