El Chapo’s Downfall? It’s really not that important.

Review of Don Winslow @donwinslow article in the current issue of Vanity Fair. I know next to nothing about Mexican Drug cartels, so this was a fascinating read. Among the things I learnt was Unlike the Mafia, the Mexican cartels encourage their members who have been arrested to tell everything they know if they can cut a deal for a shorter sentence—all they are obliged to do is relay what they’ve given up to defense attorneys, who then pass the information on so the cartels can make the necessary adjustments. For more on the operation of the Sinaloa cartel; and … Continue reading El Chapo’s Downfall? It’s really not that important.

Why we can’t have essential things

The meme But this is much less funny. The drug companies have been conspiring to raise the prices for generic drugs. albuterol, sold by generic manufacturers Mylan and Sun, jumped more than 3,400 percent, from 13 cents a tablet to more than $4.70. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/investigation-of-generic-cartel-expands-to-300-drugs/2018/12/09/fb900e80-f708-11e8-863c-9e2f864d47e7_story.html?utm_term=.4ec5cbabdebd Continue reading Why we can’t have essential things

“Profiteering” in prescription drugs

The New York Times has an interesting piece on the price of drugs, of which Pharmacy Benefit Managers are only part of the story. Add to this the general secrecracy over prices and Pharmacy benefits and drug list (aka the formulary) which are their negotiated discount drugs, brand or generic. This has been my experience, even without insurance, it’s almost impossible to find out how much specific drugs are going to cost in advance; if there are cheaper generics; and if there is a better price. I took an alternative route and did a deal with the devil for my … Continue reading “Profiteering” in prescription drugs

Prison as an engine for recovery?

Bill Maher was during the 2012 Election cycle using the term “bubble” to describe the Republican candidates for President, and often Republican voters.. They held ridiculous views because they were in a bubble, they either did hear, didn’t see, or didn’t know the truth behind the issue. I’m like that with Prison. I’ve done a few things I’m not proud of; written a few blog entries that when I look back on, I wish I hadn’t written; I’ve never done drugs, unless red wine counts; speeding, yeah some; have not been in a fight since, well probably 1979, etc. So … Continue reading Prison as an engine for recovery?