Springs update

It’s 1-1 with the final round to come to follow. As per my earlier post, the board mostly sided with the Friends of Barton Springs proposal to carry out a major overhaul of the side side entrance to the pool. They stopped short of approving a variance to the impervious cover request. Then last night it was round-2, the Planning Commision, they basically reversed the zoning board. The email from the FBSP today said: Tuesday night, the full Planning Commission voted to deny City staff’s recommendation for the variances and SOS amendments necessary to complete the Grounds Improvements. Only two … Continue reading Springs update

US vs Them, dive right in

Tonight see’s a major debate about the future of Barton Springs, both the springs itself, and the surrounding area. As has become the norm’ views are polarized, on one side is Save Our Springs alliance who see their original¬†ordinace under threat by the proposed change to the impervious cover rules, as well as other prosals to “Disneyfy” the springs. In the other corner stands the Friends of Barton Springs, who want to see grounds improvements, a new Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) compatible entrance, at the back of the pool, along with a paved parking area and many other general site … Continue reading US vs Them, dive right in