American pie

The irony of tonight caught me off guard. I watched the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony over the Internet live from London via some web trickery, then I set out at 8pm here in Texas to deliver neighborhood association newsletters. After about 50 of my 134 houses I realised as I sweated in the 95f temps that the iconic Don MacLean song had finally come home, Back in 1972, age 14, in the UK,  I had a paper round, I had one odd those cassette players with the piano style keys, I had a rack on the back of my bike … Continue reading American pie

Whose water is it anyway?

Watching from twitter, I’m saddened, disappointed, embarrassed and angry, if as tweeted by @impactnews_cta , the Austin Mayor, Lee Leffingwell said strong conservation program is important, but “if we don’t use our water, somebody else will” #atxgov — Community Impact CTA (@impactnews_cta) The water waste in Austin is monumental. It’s probably not significantly different from most major US Cities. However, Austin is the Capital City of Texas. The 2nd biggest state(1) in the union of the United States of America, and claims to be a liberal oasis and environmental hub. In east and west Texas right now the drought and … Continue reading Whose water is it anyway?

Hobbies – Life just isn’t the same

Earlier today I saw one of those Facebook posts, it compared 20-years ago when everything was wired, telephone, network access etc. and talked about how wonderful todays wireless world was; and yes, I’m writing this on my laptop connected wirelessly to the Internet. I’ve been working in my Mums garden this afternoon, and while I was getting ripped by bushes, covered by ants; thorns while trimming roses, etc. It occurred to me that the biggest change in my lifetime was what we do for hobbies. Growing up in the first non-second World War generation child, my parents mostly had little … Continue reading Hobbies – Life just isn’t the same

The 1% Olympics

I’m over in the UK for the Olympics and to see my family, there is a definite undercurrent about the overbearing regulations and heavy handed implementation and complaints about LOCOG. The Independent has a great article: Father of Olympic branding: my rules are being abused DJT1million • 3 days ago • parent − I’m not sure that the Olympics are widely loathed to be honest. I think that there is, instead, massive indifference with occasional outbreaks of justifiable fury when the G4S scandal came out or when the money lavished on the Games is set against massive and punitive cuts … Continue reading The 1% Olympics

No Taxation without representation, July 4th

Today is the 14th July 4th, I’ve worked and paid taxes in the USA. July the 4th is the day the ‘mericans celebrate their freedom from the Evil Empire, no not the one with Darth Vadar, the British Empire. That freedom initially started with a protest over taxation on tea. I’ve been joking that I’m going to  make my annual pilgrimage down to Congress Bridge to dump my used(tax paid) tea leafs off the bridge in protest of the fact that I, like the original Boston Tea party protesters, get taxed but can’t vote. My mini-jest even made the Danny Baker … Continue reading No Taxation without representation, July 4th

Pedantry at its finest

I’ve been reading a internal blog entry that is the second in a series from the “Managing Editor of Global Communications” complaining about the use of jargon inside the company. As is almost always the case, the writer is an American employee. In the first in the series I had a couple of comments, but I just gave up reading this one. After a brief sentence outlining the problem, the blog entry says: I want to make it clear that my beef with all our talk about “wins” is not with the wins themselves, it’s with jargon. “Wins” is a … Continue reading Pedantry at its finest

Why print media is dying

In a world where social media is increasing breaking the news, and seemingly forever in the news, I still enjoy the dead tree versions of some things. Anyone who has been to my place in Austin knows I have a big spread of Triathlon magazines, the have news and reviews, race results, the usual puff pieces and adverts. What struck me about this issue of Triathlete Europe, which arrived today, was just how dated the news was. Lance far from over, but not news; Hollie Avil, not news and so on. Even some of the adverts are strangely dated, the … Continue reading Why print media is dying

Texas, Life by the drop

It’s hard to imagine here in Austin, where the most obvious sign of the drought was the ban on fireworks, the new islands in Lake Travis, a few of us even made jokes about being able to set mountain bike races up out there. In most other parts of Texas, especially West Texas, its not about fun. 2011 was the driest year on record in Texas, Texas lost between 600,000 and a million head of cattle; people were giving away sound horses rather than see them starve. It’s not a 1-year drought, it’s been going 3-4 years and we are not out of … Continue reading Texas, Life by the drop

My name in lights; Morally bankrupt

My name will be on the closing credits for the new film about the destruction of the Menie dune system in Scotland by Donald Trump. The Menie dunes were an amazing and beautiful natural habitat before it was targeted for development. I only visited there the once in 2003. It’s the first time I’ve been involved in film startup funding, and am excited to finally get to see the film “You’ve Been Trumped” when I go back to the UK next month. Anything that can be done to show the hubris of Donald Trump. The fact the Trump is an asshat isn’t surprising, … Continue reading My name in lights; Morally bankrupt

Executive Communication in an instant

My friend, long time colleague and US Immigration green card referee, not to mention sometime commentor on my blog posts, Nigel Dessau, runs a great blog, podcast, video series called the 3-Minute Mentor. Well worth subscribing. I get lots of instant messaging interrupts, Lync internally, Chatter for internal social media, Facebook, Twitter, even Yahoo from time to time. Today I had an interrupt from a colleague that wanted to get some information over to our Mergers and Acquisitions team, it sounded like a useful idea but it took quite a few interactions to get to the point of what he was asking, … Continue reading Executive Communication in an instant