Zen and the art of the wet shave

Picture of shaving foam covered face
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Like most things in life that are “essential” they quickly become way over commercialized as they are a great way to get you to spend money, shaving in the western world is probably one of the best examples of this. Gillette Fusion cartridges for example sell for upwards of $16 for 4x blades, outrageous. They can’t cost $2 to make, and no amount of complaining or whining by Gillette will convince me its the research cost, to put 2/3/4/5 blades on a single razor. They go to more trouble and effort to package than the blades, as anyone that buys them would know.

Add to that regular purchases of a branded-shaving foam and you are spending at least a couple of bucks a day to shave. Ridiculous. That probably also accounts for while razor blades are one of the most stolen items from stores, they are necessary, expensive, available…

About 10yrs ago when I was travelling a lot, time would come and I’d forget razors, forget to take extra blades on a multi-week trip, forget to take shaving foam etc. One trip my suitcase went AWOL and all I could get was a disposable razor, and a very small disposable pouch with something called shaving oil. I followed the instructions on the pouch and yeah, I had a great shave. Disposable razors had never worked for me, and this one gave four great shaves until I ran out of oil.

Back home, I tried switching back to disposable razors, #fail. Cuts, scrapes yuk. So I ordered some shaving oil and tried again, success. So we had the answer, but the shaving oil, by volume, was nearly as expensive as printer ink. Then the time came, on a trip, no shaving oil, all I could get late night in Leeds was some Almond Oil, by volume it was 100x cheaper than the shaving oil. That’s what I’ve been using ever since. My skin is great and there are a few tips to it, but it’s pretty simple. These days I use the Now Foods Almond oil, it’s $7.99 and a bottle can last 1.5 years. Seriously.

Wet your face with warm water, rub vigorously, don’t dry. Pour maybe 6x drops of Almond oil onto your palm, spread by rubbing palms together, rub face vigorously again and leave. Either wash off you hands or just rub them until dry. Shave as normal, regularly washing out the blade. Do us all a favor, don’t leave the tap/faucett running between rinses.

Downside. There is one downside, using any oil over a long period of time will cause the sink to gradually clog. To avoid that, a couple of times a year just pour a small amount of sink deblocking liquid down the drain hole.


  • It’s much more sustainable, heck you can even get bottles refilled in some places
  • It’s mostly natural, no nasty chemicals that you don’t know what they are/do and no pressurized canister to dispose of.
  • It’s fragrance free, you can use an atomizer after shave, which again is way more inexpensive
  • It’s cheap
  • Razor blades last much longer. If you use the multi-blade systems, wash the blades and blow vigorously to get the debris out from between the blades, otherwise this will reduce the life as the blade will back up with clogging. A blade will often last for 20-shaves.
  • Your face will be much softer. After shaving, don’t rub dry with a towel, simply take your hands and distribute any left over oil around your face, it’s ok, it’s not moisturizer, you are not becoming a metro!

Cuts. I can’t promise you you won’t cut yourself this way, but I’d bet you cut yourself less. I’m down to maybe once every couple of months and usually even when I do, it’s because I’m rushing. The best way to stop the bleeding is a combination old-school and new age solution. First get a small piece of toilet paper on your finger, no more than 2x the size of the cut; Second, wet the paper with a few drops of water; Third, drop a couple of drops of tea tree oil onto the center of the paper, just a couple; Fourth, hold the paper tightly against the skin for 60-seconds.

Yes, it will sting, but hey man-up you cut yourself shaving. Leave the paper on for as long as you can, but not long enough for the paper to become bone dry otherwise it will stick as the skin starts to heal.

So guys, time to mix up that shave routine, maybe you need to visit Mike but don’t be fooled, his multi-blade razors are anything but a dollar.

I should have probably started a twitter id for this, sh*t your Dad didn’t tell you…

Edit to the credit

Some of you know I’ve been on a crusade to get the best credit score I could after arriving here in the US and getting refused a cellphone because I had a -3 rating, ie not-known, does not exist. Over 4-years I managed to get my credit rating to 730, and over the last 2-years I managed to get it up to 781.

One thing they tell you in all the credit score get rich quick schemes is that your credit score isn’t a measure of how much money you have, it’s the ration of debt to credit and your ability to pay. So paying off your mortgage, you’d think, would be a big ticket item in the rating, but apprently not the one I expected.

I paid off my mortgage last month, and this month saw the first report that included, or rather didn’t list my real estate debt. Guess what? My credit rating went down 10 points, to 771.

I guess it’s understandable, but it shows a massive flaw in the credit rating system. They don’t know how much I earn, they also don’t know why I no longer have real estate debt. So from that basis, I could be broke and homeless, just not using credit. By the end of the year I may make that illusive 800 mark, I have two hard inquiries on my record which will both age out after late Sept./Oct.

Jedi no more

ImageI’m just in the process of joining Triathlon England, for the first time, and the website asks about religion. I was disappointed to see that Jedi Knight was no longer an option. Back in 2001, the kids, Wendy and I were delighted to write-in Jedi Knight on our UK Census forms, we were five of some 390,000 who did that year and being a Jedi Knight by religion surpassed  SikhismJudaism, and Buddhism making it the 4th largest religion in the UK.

Using Doc’s Delorean, I find myself in 2012, still wishing to point to what should be the irrelevance of my private beliefs in public, by answering Jedi whenever this question is asked. Sadly, it wasn’t an option fopr Triathlon England membership, I just had to chose “Other”. There is a serious point here, what the heck do my personal beliefs, which are in many religions strictly between me and my god, have to do with anything?

Wikipedia as always provides a great write-up on this whole phenomenom, goodnight, thank you, and may your god go with you.

Money and Politics

Comedians Steven Colbert and Bill Maher have made much recently about the Super PACs which are dominating this years presidential elections, Maher going so far as to donate $1-million dollars to President Obama’s PAC for reelection.

And ever since I’ve lived in the US, I’ve been astounded at the amount of time and effort that seems to go into raising money for elections. Especially since a large amount of it seems to be used to support activities which really don’t represent anything that most people would attribute as American values and strengths, optimism, the ability to achieve anything you put your mind to etc. Money in politics seems to generate activities more associated with Mob style tactics, money laundering and extortion.

I listened to this weeks “This American Life” (TAL) while doing laundry and tidying up last night, and it’s shocking. Seriously, Act One covers the amount of time that the elected politicians actually spend fundraising, which seems to be most of it. There is admission that lobbyists are a vital source of information, “they know the most about a subject”. Well perhaps if you didn’t waste so much time fundraising, you’d have time to get educated just enough to be able to grasp the issues and make an intelligent decision about how to support it. Then they wouldn’t feel the need to have all those lobbyists around as a  crutch.

John McCain is interviewed in Act Three. He makes some very interesting points, not least about the Supremem Court hearings that gave us “Citizens United” aka the Super PACs.

John Mccain

At first, I was outraged. The day that Russ and I went over and observed the arguments, the questions that were asked, the naivety of the questions that were asked and the arrogance of some of the questioners, it was just stunning. Particularly Scalia with his sarcasm. Why shouldn’t these people be able to engage in this process? Why do you want to restrict them from their rights of free speech? And the questions they asked showed they had not the slightest clue as to what a political campaign is all about and the role of money that it plays in political campaigns. And I remember when Russ and I walked out of there, I said, Russ, we’re going to lose and it’s because they are clueless

Which is just depressing. I wouldn’t have voted for McCain in the McCain/Obama Presidential campaign, even if I could. I can’t vote even in local elections. I’m wondering though what it is that stops good, principled men and women from speaking out about the men in politics? McCain/Feinberg was a start, America should be going forwards, not backwards.

You can listen to the whole episode of TAL here in their archives.

[Update: 4/6/12 2:50pm] TAL has just released the McCain/Feinberg interview, uncut here. Brilliant, McCain makes another telling point when he says:

It’s, it’s beyond belief. And, you know, and, and to ss,
sum up in one respect, what does it do to the view of young
Americans that Russ is talking to every day out there at Stanford? It makes ’em cynical.
It makes’ em cynical, and therefore demotivating; therefore it’s harder to get highly qualified men and women to seek public office, if they think we’re all a bunch of crooks.

Education needs to change

Colin Powell still gets it. Makes some great points about the shift in needs for education. It reminds me of the work I did, and the long conversations with Miguel Aznar at knowledgecontext.org

Colin Powell accepts Golden Heart Award from Project H.O.M.E. from The Honickman Foundation on Vimeo.

Brians Song, the Big C and “little” Mikey

I can’t really remember when I first became aware of cancer, but the first time it effected my life was in I’d guess 1972, or 1973. I saw Brian’s Song on TV. The original version, obviously. It had a profound effect on me as a 13/14 year old, that I think to this day I can’t forget. I sobbed like the child I was when I saw it, despite all my aspirations to grow up quickly, and all the confusion around me, I learned a lot from the film about friends, racial tolerance and intolerance, as well as cancer.

And so it was with some trepidation I set the DVR the other day to record the original film, which was on some channel or other on Time Warner Cable. It’s sitting there waiting to be watched, I’m guessing I probably won’t watch it until at least the summer is over.

Since then many people I know or love have been touched by cancer including my Mum. Cancer took the life of Wendy, Auntie Ruth, and has effected the lives of many of my Austin friends, including at least three female friends hit by breast cancer; and also “Iron” Mikey Thompson, from Jack and Adams Bicycle Shop in Austin. Mikey is trying to get a place in this years Ironman Hawaii through the Kona Inspired program, he is a 4x cancer survior, but much more than that he is an all round great guy, who is articulate, kind and compassionate. Please vote for Mikey here.

So it’s somewhat ironic then, that this week I got to meet the most well known cancer survivor of them all, Lance Armstrong, at his house. I took Ronnie along so he could get a signature from Lance and catch up after Sundays Galveston 70.3, Lance came out to introduce himself. I’m also heading to see my Doc this afternoon to get that annoying lesion on the back of my left hand, that won’t heal, looked at. Things that go around, come around.

The Bike Through Bank

New tube Sir?So, as I pulled into the drive through ATM at the Amplify Brockton Branch yesterday to deposit two checks, worth combined less than $2, something grabbed my attention out of the corner of my eye. Yep, there was a guy on a bicycle in the drive through bank.

Apparently it’s not all that uncommon, all I know is I laughed hard until I started to try to deposit the checks. Here is a zoomed version.

No Hassle Cash – My foot

I’ve got one of those CapitalOne No Hassle cards, instead of getting worthless points, I get cash back based on how much I spend. I can use that “cash” on the same sort of useless purchases as I could with worthless points, or I can request a credit in my CapitalOne card account, or, yes, a check. I elected to just get the credit, $67.18 as an account credit.

Seemed like a good thing, I clicked, confirmed etc. and then got the message

Order Number: 19330721
Order Date: April 4, 2012
Estimated Posting Date: 5-7 business days

I guess they send themselves a check, after all an electronic transfer couldn’t take 5-7 business days, could it?

Less than a buck, WTF

I continue to be amazed, saddened and I some ways angry about the inefficiencies in the US Banking system and the inability for big financial institutions to see how much this is costing the economy.

I’m sat in line for a drive up teller, coz the bank closed at 4:30 or 5pm, whatever, that’s not the point. The point is I have two checks to deposit, one for $0.07 from an IBM Share account I thought I closed 2-years ago, and the other, as attached my US GOVERNMENT TAX refund.

You’d think the government would save its money and the banks by just carrying this amount as a credit into the next year, or at least do a electronic credit. I could just rip the check up and let the government have the money but it doesn’t work like that in account the money just gets held in a suspense account for nearly ever.

Lets not even get started on how crappy the admin is behind the IBM share system that has been issuing ever decreasing amounts for the last 16-months…

The problem is the paper check. Its like many other things, when you don’t think the the system is broken, you can’t see how things could be. If nothing else, the processing banks, ie where I’m depositing the checks should be able to levy a processing charge from the issuing account, but not from mine. If issuing a check for $0.07 is the best they can do, and processing it costs $4.50, then they should be charged $4.57

Ps. If anyone from Amplify Credit Union is watching, that’s me sat out in the parking lot, your ATM workflow sucks if you are depositing more than one check. Oh yeah tell Sheryl I’m still waiting for a reply…

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