When Stories Go Bad

I post from time to time about segments or whole This American Life shows. The program is remarkable both in content and durability.

In a recent program, Act 1. was about Ghost stories. Specifically, it was about ghost stories in Savanah, Georgia. I’ve been to Savanah twice, neither time we took a ghost tour. Here is Ira Glass, the story didn’t go the way I could have expected.

A whole new way to realize racism.

“I hear what you’re saying, Calvin, about your role, where you’re at, how you approach history. But I just wonder if you can understand that it feels like folks have been making money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, off of a lie about a Black woman who was, they’re saying, is sexually assaulted for entertainment. And now there’s no accountability.”

The complete segment is as follows, please listen/watch. Thank you.


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