The death spiral of an American family

This Washington Post article by Eli Saslow is both compelling reading and in equal measures depressing and a call to arms. This really isn’t about poor people who don’t try hard enough, don’t work hard enough, it’s about a failing system, everything from hours of work, to transport, and support systems.

In many respects it resembles a self eating virus, where the only way forward for many is to eat their future. Meanwhile instead of meaningful change and addressing the issues, Republican States are wasting time banning books and trying any way they can to stop women getting abortions.

Some days I wake up and wonder if we really want to make America great, or I’m just not in on the secret that it’s all over, and no one told me.

“Meanwhile” as the Stephen Colbert segment goes, Boulder County has its second major wildfire near residential homes in 4-months. The #louisvilleco council will vote on April 5th to let home owners who lost their homes in the #marshallfire rebuild 4,000+ sqft homes that will likely last until 2300 rebuild without the more stringent building codes to save less than 15% of the rebuilding cost. It makes no sense…

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