The State of American Immigration

The state of American immigration is misunderstood, misapplied and subject to a lot of hysteria.

To me it continues to amaze that a country where you can drive for hours east and south in Colorado, west in Texas, and pass nothing. Absolutely nothing. I’m sure there are other US States where you can do this, I’ve just not driven through them.

America, with a number of Western countries, not least mine, the UK, have created massive disturbances and in some cases, wars persist as a direct result of our actions. Yet we have largely uninhabited geographic areas as big as some of these countries.

TAL covers a number of the key areas of Immigration, how it works, who is doing what, and what has been changing. It’s worth an hour of your life, if you don’t have that, Act 2 is especially worth it.

Let me count the ways

3 thoughts on “The State of American Immigration

  1. Thank you, Mark, for such an illuminating pod cast on tge state of immigration in the United States. The words in the song at the end of Act 5, ‘What do you want the world to look like…’, gives one pause to reflect just what we do indeed want the world to look like. Most certainly not how the U.S. looks and acts toward immigration right now.

    The subversive and covert acts of dehumanization is mind altering. And these mini pod casts need to be heard by the majority of the voting public in the U.S. Although listening may not change people’s minds immediately. Most definitely it should raise one’s consciousness. Raising it in such a manner for those having listened to claim plausible deniability toward the right or wrong on U.S. immigration policy – as it stands today!


    1. Thanks D’Arcy, heading toward an application for US Citizenship sometime in the next 45-days. Should have everything in order by then.

      1. That is great news Mark. Best wishes on your Citizenship endeavor. 🙂

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