You can’t handle the truth!

To be sure, Texas has incredibly lax gun laws, which theoretically could be exploited by people who intend to do great harm to the American public. This week, however, a Republican state legislator doesn’t want to make it harder to buy deadly weapons; he wants to make it harder for refugees to get to Texas

There is so much wrong with the current debate about refugees,  Syria and national security,  including at least two big lies.

This illustrates one. Almost anyone in the United States,  can buy guns and especially here in Texas.

Perhaps that’s why the Governor needs to keep out Syrian Refugees,  and especially after at least one Mosque in Pflugerville was vandalized in an act of hate.  Simply,  they are afraid that otherwise peaceful refugees will have to buy their own guns,  not to attack Americans,  but to defend themselves from the xenophobic,  racists who would attack them.

That’s freedom for you.

Author: Mark Cathcart

Formerly an Executive Director of Systems Engineering and a Senior Distinguished Engineer at Dell. Prior to that, an IBM Distinguished Engineer working for the Systems Group in NY and Austin. I'm currently "retired until further notice".

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