TWC (This Weeks Charges)

Sorting through my bills and catching up with payments, I was just sat here going through my Time Warner Cable bill. The layout can be confusing, the list of charges, taxes, etc. legend.

I noticed the text in the left hand column under the heading ENJOY TWC BETTER on their latest bill, I’d missed the announcement they are increasing prices(again) for no visible, benefit. See my various blog entries tagged Time-Warner-Cable or TWC

Especially galling is the price increase of the Internet Modem Lease, up another $2 to $5.49. Remember they only started charging for this at all less than a year ago, and if you’ve had this service for any length of time, you’ve likely had your modem since it was installed.

Call, complain, register for Google Fiber etc. Note depending on your current internet, double or triple play packages will see an additional increase. Shameful.

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