The slobs

Funny how things work, it’s not the hill in front of you the wears you down,  but the grain of sand in your shoe.


Living “downtown” has its perks,  and with all the things going on,  it’s sometimes hard to keep track.  This one wasn’t though,  when I went out to run this morning there was a red VW bug parked across the street  when I came back they’d dumped the remains of a soda and gum package on the street.

The other night,  after racing  Lisa and I went to Chipotle for dinner and while walking and talking afterwards,  I started picking up trash and putting it in the abundant trash cans. Soon  Lisa was doing it too.

I just don’t understand who people think clears up this crap,  especially downtown.  It’s magic? Your taxes do,  otherwise it doesn’t. Why are people such slobs,  how much trouble is it to take it home and throw it away,  really?

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