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A lot has been posted online about the decision of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, to end remote work at Yahoo!

As usual the interwebs erupted with a lot of people not involved, spouting out their opinion on why she was wrong to do this, and their opinions on the effects. Even I just replied to a comment in my last “balance” post wondering how it would work out at Yahoo. Then I read this, a great piece on the Business Insider War Room. Bingo. It makes perfect sense, when the system is broken, you need to fix it and I’ve worked on a number of distributed teams and find this quote nailed it for me.

“Camaraderie is built by working together. You wouldn’t have a basketball team and have 5 players working in separate gyms on their jump shots.” Gimbel said. “They might be better shooters but they wouldn’t know how to work together.”

Apparently, Best Buy have followed suit, they are certainly facing similar problems at a business level. Who next?

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