KONY, yes him, not him

A year on from the original KONY2012 youtube phenomena, the UK newspaper The Guardian has a fascinating in-depth look at Jason Russell, yep, the guy that had a break down last year after 8-years of great work got destroyed after he had a total public meltdown. His comments make great reading as a follow on to my last blog, about balance, and an obsessive idea getting into your head. But, this blog isn’t about Jason.

It’s about Kony, the fugitive head of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and #1 on the International Criminal Court (ICC) most wanted list. Yes, he is still out there. No he hasn’t been killed captured or otherwise, he is still out there.

Ugandan troops are closing in, in January they killed the chief bodyguard of Joseph Kony. Colonel Felix Kulayigye of the Ugandan Army said the bodyguard, a rebel commander known only as Binani, was killed on Friday 280 km (175 miles) north of Djema, a base in the Central African Republic where Uganda-led African Union troops are being advised by US special forces. It was not clear if Kony, a self-styled mystic who has eluded capture for more than two decades, was part of the group of rebels that fled the attack in which Binani was killed, Kulayigye said.

So Kony is still out there; the US Special Forces are still helping tracking him down; but there is still much to do. The Invisible Children project has released their KONY2012 Annual Report, a video from CEO Ben Keesey is here and, if you have not seen it, the original KONY2012 video, here.

The Guardian article on Jason Russell is a long one, well worth the read.


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