Know where your food comes from?

OK, so I’m tired, I was out really late last night and I had to go to the Travis County tax office for 8am this morning to sign away the title for my VW CC aka, sell my car. Afterwards, I’m in my new car, heading to work and I decided to catch-up on the January 11th This American life, the episode is #484, Doppelgängers.

After an intro which included a Saturday Night Live actor imitating TAL show host, Ira Glass, they get down to act one. A story about food and food lookalikes. The real Ira Glass says “A quick warning that if you’re squeamish or averse to graphic images of food, there’s going to be some of that in this report.”. Within 2-minutes, I’m smirking so much I’m crying, tears, reals tears rolling down my cheeks. I’m sat at my desk typing this, I can’t wait to share, still chuckling.

Maybe it’s because I’m tired, maybe it’s my inner school boy, or maybe, just maybe I might have eaten “artificial calamari”. So, here it is, Doppelgängers. Enjoy.

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