Nagin vs Armstrong

oprah-lance-armstrong-interview2[1]I finally managed to catch the 2nd part of the Lance interview with with Oprah tonight. Fascinating stuff. I got press training from IBM back in the early 1990’s, I can recognize many of the points in the interview where Lance is struggling or in trouble emotionally or intellectually. Oprah did a good job, although you could tell the segments were pretty heavily split, or edited.

It wasn’t my point to dissect the interview here, that’s been done in a zillion places. What caught my eye today was the announcement that Federal prosecutors today announced a 21-count indictment against former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

There is nothing much in common in these two cases, until you take a step back. In fact, in reality, there is not much different between them. If as alleged, Nagin did those things, they both lied, deceived, maintained a lifestyle they didn’t earn honestly, let down their supporters, their family’s, and received money they didn’t earn.

Looking at the proposed punishments, it’s suggested that Nagin faces 15-years in prison if found guilty. Armstrong in the second show of the Oprah interview, refers to his “death sentence” aka his ban from any sport that is a signatory to the World Anti-doping Authority code of conduct, etc. especially cycling and triathlon, aka Ironman.

So, given the history based on Lances confessions, the words attributed to the  Australian Cycling Chief, seem fair. You’d assume the same from Ironman, especially given CEO Messick was formally tour director of the Cycling Tour of California, and must have had dealings with Armstrong both then, and most certainly in his Ironman comeback, where its reported that the WTC through Messick offered the Livestrong foundation “less than a million but more than $500,000”.

Instead of being angry, and being let down badly, based on the Slowtwitch report, and my own notes from the 2/2012 Triathlon America conferenceMessick seems to be trying to find a path and encouraging discussion(1) about how Lance might yet comeback to racing Ironman. Messick, a man who must have had almost as much insight into Lance the cyclist as any race director, rather than resoundingly pronouncing why he can’t, like the Australian Cycling CEO. Which is really difficult to understand.

Strange old world, be careful what type of leader your delegate your trust to.

(1) There are lots of links, I just chose this one as it had the most provocative title.

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