Fear of the unknown


It’s funny, or rather it’s not, but i am at this time, more afraid of the unknown than I can recall. I brought my real camera on the trip, I passed on bringing my running shoes. My camera bag takes about the same space in my “to go” bag aka rollaborad as my running shoes do.

So i find myself out in the “beach” in Zhuhai China, gazing out into the sea and deciding if its safe to swim in? Behind me is a 50m swimming pool, the water is decidedly green and there are some black plastic bags floating in it. I’ve decided that it’s closed for the season, but who knows, there is no gate, no one to ask.

The sea though is definately “open” heck there are even people swimming in it. Just a few mind and mostly heads-up. I dont have time today, but in the morning i could, but should I? Fear of the unknown, with Ironman Cozumel just 6-weeks away, I just dont know.

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