Why print media is dying

In a world where social media is increasing breaking the news, and seemingly forever in the news, I still enjoy the dead tree versions of some things. Anyone who has been to my place in Austin knows I have a big spread of Triathlon magazines, the have news and reviews, race results, the usual puff pieces and adverts.

What struck me about this issue of Triathlete Europe, which arrived today, was just how dated the news was. Lance far from over, but not news; Hollie Avil, not news and so on. Even some of the adverts are strangely dated, the MAXIFUEL picture of Team GB features will Clarke, who actually never made the Olympics team#.

What sets the printed versions of European mags, and they often use the same pictures as their US counterparts, are the sheer beauty of the pictures of Delly Carr offset by white space. For me, the electronic editions, blogs and other online sources just don’t capture that.

#PS what did they do to the aspect ratio on the Maxifuel ad? They’ve made Vicki Holland look like she should be on the wrestling squad.

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