My name in lights; Morally bankrupt

My name will be on the closing credits for the new film about the destruction of the Menie dune system in Scotland by Donald Trump. The Menie dunes were an amazing and beautiful natural habitat before it was targeted for development. I only visited there the once in 2003.

It’s the first time I’ve been involved in film startup funding, and am excited to finally get to see the film “You’ve Been Trumped” when I go back to the UK next month. Anything that can be done to show the hubris of Donald Trump.

The fact the Trump is an asshat isn’t surprising, but what is disappointing is the arrogance of the golfers and the golf industry. Apparently the course, yet to host it’s first tournament, has made the Top-10 in Gold Worlds top course. As always, these polls can be completely influenced, which is what I guess is going on here, but really this is no more than the modern equivalent of hunting for sport and slaughtering animals for trophies in Africa 100 years ago.

The position of Sir Sean Connery remains mystery and the course heads for its opening. Connery is often qouted as a supporter of the golf course and wanting to attend the opening. However this seems to stem back to a number of statements attributed to Connery back when him and longtime buddy and Scots First Minister Alex Salmond were supporters of Trump. If Connery is indeed still a supporter of the course, he must be not just morally bankrupt, but also now financially a hooker and will do tricks for money[penny].

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