Disconnected service

I’m out in Bangalore and its been crazy. My driver just took an hour to drive 8km to take me to dinner, that pretty much explains why I eat in, but more on the traffic and driving later.

By today’s 5* standard the Leela Palace where I’m staying is a 7* hotel, every detail is taken care of. Room service tidies everything, including dirty laundry, which gets folded and if I leave it in a bag, cleaned, laundered and folded better than I’d ever get it done in the US OR UK.

But like many things here, the have processes but they are disconnected. Every night the maid comes in and does the night setup on the right hand side of the bed, I always sleep on the left.

I kept a newspaper from Monday, but everyday room service comes in and tidies everything, including yesterdays papers and as we know, no self respecting businessman wants yesterdays news. I had to ask for it back, and lock it in my case.

And so it was today while I ran 5-miles indoors on the treadmill, I watched a team of 5 “electricians” rewire lights on a wall in the gym. I’m sure those connections were getting covered in gaffer tape… Which is a shame, because that wall is actually a water feature. Disconnected service?

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