No Hassle Cash – My foot

I’ve got one of those CapitalOne No Hassle cards, instead of getting worthless points, I get cash back based on how much I spend. I can use that “cash” on the same sort of useless purchases as I could with worthless points, or I can request a credit in my CapitalOne card account, or, yes, a check. I elected to just get the credit, $67.18 as an account credit.

Seemed like a good thing, I clicked, confirmed etc. and then got the message

Order Number: 19330721
Order Date: April 4, 2012
Estimated Posting Date: 5-7 business days

I guess they send themselves a check, after all an electronic transfer couldn’t take 5-7 business days, could it?

One thought on “No Hassle Cash – My foot

  1. I got a no-hassle follow-up email where CapitalOne have gone all fashionable using Yay!

    Yay! A rewards credit on your statement


    You can expect to see your No Hassle RewardsSM statement credit in the blink of an eye—okay, more like 5 to 7 days—applied to your Capital One® No Hassle Rewards statement.

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