Abbott Vetoes Spousal Loophole

Since I’ve criticized Governor Abbott numerous times, I figured he deserved a quick post for vetoing the ethics bill that contained the spousal loophole as discussed in my Ethics the Texas Way post. As predicated though, when doing so, the Governor did do his best Sepp Blatter impersonation, saying “Serious ethics reform must be addressed next session — the right way. Texans deserve better.” Of course in the mad way that Texas governs, that really means 2017. Maybe Sepp Blatter will be gone by then, but Texas ethics won’t have advanced. At least we will be able to see what the Spouses … Continue reading Abbott Vetoes Spousal Loophole

Greg Abbotts Audacity of Change

Governor Abbott, has been defending the moral and ethical freedoms of a bunch of scared, angry old white Christian men, and declared that it was time for Texas to defend the rest of America. Just in case there is any confusion about what he means, between him and Attorney General Paxton and their once every two years Texas leaders, here is a summary of what they have or are bringing you America. You can’t know what dangerous chemicals and materials are being stored near your home or your childrens school. Even though the State knows, you have to go ask every … Continue reading Greg Abbotts Audacity of Change

What did Abbott do and when did he do it?

While the water story of Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is really little more than a “storm in  private well”,  the news that former CPRIT Executive Jerry Cobb was indicted by a grand jury for first-degree felony indictment of securing execution of a document by deception, has the potential to be pretty serious for Abbott. At stake is the awarding of an $11 million grant to a Dallas company without the required scientific and business reviews.  During this and other high value contract awards,  Attorney General Abbott was either absent or missing in action as a board … Continue reading What did Abbott do and when did he do it?

Abbott, leads by example

And says FU to Texas water users. Attorney general Abbott knows the law,  if nothing else. Texas is a property rights state,  along with which come a number of other rights,  not normally recognized as either good for the Commons,  or not allowed by law in a modern democracy. Those rights include everything under the property,  which would obviously include oil  gas shale,  but in this instance include water. Abbott must like a green lawn, we all do, but for the most part it has become impractical and should be unaffordable to waste water on a lawn. In what are … Continue reading Abbott, leads by example

You get what you want in Texas

The Austin American Statesman today published a frank review of the Texas rules on disclosure of chemical storage “Information scarce on chemical plant blasts — just like Texas wanted“. I wrote about this issue precisely back in “The Texas Freedom Illusion” and after the “West Disaster” report. In essence, under the veil of “security”, Governor Abbott has effectively just stopped individual Texans from finding out about these storage facilities, and in the same way as you are much more likely to be shot by a gun owning family member, than a jihadi; you are much more likely to get killed, … Continue reading You get what you want in Texas

Ahh Austin…

When Texas Governor Abbott took time out of his busy schedule of subjugating his authority, to call a special session for the “part-time” Texas Legislators(1) to pass a bathroom bill and other discriminatory acts, his statements eloquently tried to trash the Capital of Texas, Austin. As Caleb points out, there are plenty of examples where Austin is screwed by Texas arbitrary regulation, and certainly some of those to be considered in the special session are also aimed at Austin. Naturally, the state-protected view of the dome under which so much anti-regulatory legislation is concocted by worthy statesman from such cultural … Continue reading Ahh Austin…

Go, West!

What the West report tells us is that 33(83% of the total) facilities in Texas that store fertilizer grade ammonium nitrate still are located within a quarter mile of homes. Apart from weakening the reporting and classification requirements, the only substantive thing Governor Abbott has done is to remove your right to find out if you live near a storage location. Continue reading Go, West!

Texas is an Ass

Just this week, Governor Abbott vetoed what many consider a key mental health provision, and given many of the continuing gun massacres are blamed on mental health issues, add that to guns in Texas, and a lot of people are upset with Abbott. This post isn’t about guns, or mental health, or bashing Republicans. It doesn’t really matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, Texas pride aside. The Governor and Legislator are increasingly making Texas look like an ass. I’m not talking about all the seemingly dumb laws on the books, or, the way and process the … Continue reading Texas is an Ass